Google Celebrates Its 25th Birthday Today With a Special Doodle

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Tech giant Google is celebrating its 25th birthday with a special doodle. For more than a decade the company has celebrated its birthday on September 27 even though it was incorporated on
September 4. To mark the occasion Google took ‘a walk down memory lane’ and showcased different doodles. Today’s Google Doodle presents a GIF that turns ‘Google’ into ‘G25gle’.
Google wrote in its blog post— “For our birthday, we’re celebrating in ways you might have come to expect over the last quarter-century. Our homepage doodle today honors the evolution of the Google logo, and if you search for (or hum) birthday-related queries, you might see a little surprise.”

CEO Sundar Pichai’s Thoughts on the Google Anniversary

A month before the Google anniversary, he penned about reaching the milestone and how it is an enormous privilege. He also appreciated the contribution of their employees, partners, and most importantly, all the people who use their products made the company a technological success. This 25th birthday also signifies 25 years of curiosity as that’s what fueled the company and it’s progress.
He also explained this sentiment by taking the example of Google Images. After the Grammy Award ceremony of the year 2000, people rushed to Google to find pictures of Jennifer Lopez’s dress. Since there were only blue links and no photos in the search results of the celebrity, Google wanted to find a solution for it. The engineers in the organization brainstormed, and Google Images was born. Google Images provided access to find that particular photo faster than ever before.
Pichai further added, “It’s a cycle that has repeated itself at Google time and time again over the last quarter century. Whether you want to learn how to knot a tie or plan where to tie the knot, stay healthy, or stay informed — each chapter of our story has been co-authored by you.”

A Journey of Innovation and Adaption

Doctoral students Sergey Brin and Larry Page met in Stanford University’s computer science program in the late 90s. They quickly learned about their similar interests in making the World Wide Web a more accessible place.
The pair worked relentlessly from their dorm rooms to make the prototype for a better search engine. As they made progress, they moved the operations to Google’s first office, a rented garage. On September 27, 1998, Google Inc. was officially born, which is celebrated as Google Anniversary with creativity and innovation.
The company mentioned that much has changed since 1998 but the mission has remained the same. The mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Google always introduced technology with innovations and upgrades which helped users adapt them well. They also thanked the users and added, “We can’t wait to see where the future takes us, together”.
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